1 September 2014

Polish Open Helicopter Cup 2014 – closing ceremony.

Heli Races has finished this years Polish Open Helicopter Cup 2014 on Przylep Airfiled close to Zielona Góra. I would like to thank to all the participants and crowds for coming !

See you next year – at the World Championships !

31 July 2014

COMDESIGNE organizing Polish Open Helicopter Cup 2014 !

COMDESIGNE is co-organizing Polish Open Helicopter Cup 2014!

Starting 13 of August 2014 on airfiled of Przylep-Zielona Góra will take place Polish Open Helicopter Cup 2014.

This extremly spectacular event will host international guests from around the world and is a preludium to the next year’s World Champtionchips in Poland.

We have already booked teams from around Europe including: Germany, Swiss, Austria, Belgium, United Kingdom, France, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and of course Poland.

The helicopter sports are based on the tasks performed by Search and Rescue crews working on daily basis. Therefore we want to popularize this.

I hope you’ll be able to come…

Wlodek Sidorczuk, CEO

7 July 2014

Marek Kulig @Comdesigne. Lecture of Modern Art.

Marek Kulig was our guest at Comdesigne with his lectures about Modern Art. He has presented a variety of his works in the context of sign, meaning and interpretation. Marek is the doctor of art working currently with international art competitions and as professor at Wrocław University. After the lectures we provided for our guests a banquet to follow up the discussion.

We present our favorite work of Marek, which deeply moves our architectural and urban senses.


17 June 2014

Comdesigne on the prestigious exhibition – Plans For The Future ’2014 Year.

Our projects are being presented on the prestigious exhibition Pland For The Future in the 2014 Year. The exhibition is located in the Warsaw University Library on Dobra Street.

The showcase covers housing projects from both public and private sectors. All of them we can enjoy as they are complete and built.