Private Client

We provide architectural services based on private and individual needs

Architectural Design

  • Concept Design and analysis of individual Client needs
  • the house design is adapted to land regulations, surrounding environment, sun and wind exposure.
  • photorealistic architectural visualization of the house
  • Architectural Design and Development to reach the decision for building permits
  • structural design
  • geological land surface surveys
  • preparation of detailed Construction Documentation, developed to specific solutions dedicated to the technologies used
  • use of innovative solutions and technologies
  • use of energy-efficient solutions in the context of passive houses
  • representing Client in front of the authorities and institutions for final approval of the project and building permit
  • structure design based on the optimalisation
  • project is adapted to the client’s budget

Interior Design

    Cencept Design is created in close cooperation with The Clients and is reflecting their individual needs and preferences. It is:

  • interior design in a number of variants
  • the layout of furniture in the form of drawings and plans
  • sample and reference interiors which reflect the actual color, texture and material of the proposed properties.
  • photo-realistic visualizations of selected areas

Construction Design is a technical documentation including drawings of all parts of the interior.
It is essential to the investor and the contractor to carry out all the finishing work and complete the proposed arrangement. It also serves the objectives of the tender, assistance in finding the right contractor. It consists of:

  • detailed interior survey
  • construction of walls, according to a new functional system
  • space furniture fit-out
  • reflected ceiling plans together with the selection and placement of lighting, electrical distribution points, selection of electrical equipment
  • floor plans, selection of materials on the floor (hardwood floors, natural stone, carpet)
  • detailed kitchen design with selection of appliances
  • detailed bathrooms design, selection of ceramics and sanitary fittings
  • distribution points heat, water, sewage, HVAC
  • color concept of the interior
  • stairs and railings detailed design
  • individual walls projections – sections with the selection of all finishes, wall coverings and fabrics, fire place design,
  • detail parts and custom solutions, such as furniture, library, wine cellar, wardrobes.
  • detail design of cabinets and closets
  • cost estimation of proposed finishes and materials
  • information about the suppliers: artists, producers, distributors of finishes and interior elements
  • project is adapted to the client’s budget

In the case of public interior design, we provide complete design (plumbing, electrical, HVAC, alarm systems, food technology) with all the required opinions of experts, including the Board of Health, Safety and Fire.


  • Supervision of architects and designers for all construction phases.
  • On-Site Supervision
  • Quality check of execution and finishing works
  • Constant consultancy assistance during the whole construction process
  • Project supervision and management based on Client’s budget
  • Assistance in the process of purchasing interior elements.

Construction and execution works

  • Construction of approved design
  • Execution of custom fit-out components such as furniture, custom kitchen design, wardrobes
  • Providing suppliers for components including furniture, kitchen, lightning and bathroom fit-out.
  • Wall Art finishes and painting
  • Delivery and installation of all interior components and materials.
  • Construction work based on Client’s budget
  • All construction works are supervised by assigned person in charge.